Update 2024:

The COVID pandemic resulted in many countries closing their borders, Solomon Islands were no exception. Following a period of COVID-imposed hibernation, in 2022 the Strong Island Foundation (SIF) activities began to re-energise. While our aim was to continue visiting and support to Makira and Kirakira, we also branched out to the Western Province and now have activities involving Gizo and Munda.

The Dental Services and Torah Wash programs made some excellent progress in East Makira in 2022-23 and there are updates available to review.

Unfortunately, because of accommodation issues the health/medical/nursing programs are currently not active in Makira/Kirakira. We will continue to look to opportunities to return when able. Despite this setback, representatives of SIF have been engaging within Honiara, Gizo and Munda. There are updates on a SIF supported visit by Gold Coast Hospital clinicians to both the National Referral Hospital (NRH) and Gizo Hospital in 2023, and regarding a SIF supported visit by two Solomon clinicians to Australia to attend an Emergency Medicine Conference and visit the Gold Coast Hospital. Plans are in the works for a Gizo Hospital nursing visit to Australia later this year – 2024.

The Development arm of SIF has also visited the Solomons this year (Gizo) and is in the process of determining next steps.

So, our overall Vision, Mission and Focus remain unchanged, but the locations for activities and engagement has shifted within the Solomons. We hope that we can continue to do good for, and with, the people of the Solomon Islands. Thank you for you ongoing interest and support.


J Fink – June 2024

Our Vision

To progress the welfare of the people of Solomon Islands.

Our Mission

To form collaborative relationships and teach, train and learn from our neighbours in Solomon Islands, hopefully playing a small role in reducing the disparities which exist between the developed and developing world.

Our Focus

Strong Island Foundation will concentrate on three areas of need that will frequently overlap:

– provide essential equipment to hospitals
– public health education
– exchange of nurses and doctors both to and from Solomons and Australia
– dental sanitation and hygiene

– promote health, school and public education
– exchange of ideas and materials
– work collaboratively with the local primary and high schools

– support and develop infrastructure with issues relating to waste management, sanitation and water supply
– provide supplies and expert advice to build and train the local population in managing these issues

Foundation Members

In 2012 Dr James Fink (MBBS, MPH) successfully began a model of collaboration between Australia and Makira Island. This ongoing partnership involves students from Bond University’s Faculty of Health Sciences and Medicine, the Faculty of Society and Design, the Kirakira Hospital, Provincial Government, local schools, and the local community.

Despite successes achieved through these efforts, there is scope for more to be done to improve the well-being of Makirans.  Strong Island Foundation was formed to assist with these ongoing needs.

The founding members of Strong Island Foundation have come together from a variety of backgrounds with differing expertise, including:
Medical (doctor and nurses), Education (primary school teacher), Media and Marketing professionals, Built Environment (builder and urban planner).

This diverse group, in consultation with the local government and leaders, will promote and guide projects of value, which enhance capacity for the people of Makira.


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