Education Proposal

Attendance of the Celebration of Literature Festival 2018 and Beyond

50% of the 980 children from
kindergarten to grade 11 at FM
Campbell Memorial School cannot
read or write.

20% of the children in Kirakira
do not attend school.

In March 2017 Strong Island Foundation invited 5 Students and 2 teachers to attend the Celebration of Literature, a children’s literature festival at Somerset College and enjoy other activities on the Gold Coast for a week. With a vision to make this a yearly exchange, it will provide the children with opportunities to engage with Australian peers, authors and the Australian Culture; to foster a love of literacy, learning, and the benefits of an ongoing education. The teachers will also have an opportunity to see classrooms in Australia and compare teaching styles.

For the past 23 years, Somerset has invited Authors from Australia and beyond to attend Australia’s leading Children’s Literary Festival. This celebration of writing, reading and community spirit encompasses a three-day program of author sessions, workshops and book signing on the Somerset College campus and throughout the Gold Coast, for adults and children alike.

$2100 will provide each child access to attend the Celebration of Literature Festival. This includes flights, accommodation, event tickets and other activities. 


For more information about the Celebration of Literature: